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Burnley Council makes decisions on all kinds of things that affect you. These include how council services are run; planning permission; deciding what different areas of land can be used for; regeneration activity; charges for leisure activities; new initiatives to keep our streets tidy; work in our parks.

Your elected Councillors take the key decisions at Town Hall meetings. There is a meeting of the Full Council every ten weeks or so. In between these, there are meetings of the decision-making Executive, the Scrutiny Committee and the Licensing and Development Control (planning) Committees.

On these pages, you can find out about decisions that have been taken – and business that is coming up.

And remember, you are very welcome to attend these meetings. And you can have your say by asking questions, making a statement, or presenting a petition. If you wish to speak at a meeting, you should register by clicking the link on the relevant agenda

Calendar of Meetings
Dates of all upcoming council and outside body meetings.

Notice of Key Decisions and Private Meetings
Details of the NKDPM published by the council, which lists the key-decisions that are planned to be made over the next 28 days.

Decisions by Executive, committees, etc or Officer Decisions
Search for past decisions taken either by the council’s decision making bodies (such as Executive) or by council officers.

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