Agenda item

Burnley Housing Agency

To seek approval to the reorganisation of the private sector housing team including the development of additional projects to support resident’s wellbeing.



The purpose of this report is to seek approval for the reorganisation of the private sector housing team including the development of additional projects to support resident’s wellbeing.



On the 23rd August 2019 the Lancashire Advancing Integration Board approved the use of DFG funds to support Home Improvement Agencies (HIA) in local authority districts (Appendix 2).  Using a proportion of the 2019/20 DFG allocation will facilitate the delivery of the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Team which will continue to deliver projects and HIA services to help keep people safe and well in their own homes.


To increase the number of proactive inspections in the selective licensing areas to improve housing conditions.  To increase the number of empty properties brought back into use each year and to continue to offer the most vulnerable residents of Burnley services that support their wellbeing when Lancashire County Council (LCC) cease funding the HIAs in March 2020.


To support the Council’s objective of making the borough a dementia friendly community. 


The Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) (England and Wales) Order 2002 requires local authorities to have a policy which sets out the projects and services in relation to private sector housing renewal and focusses specifically on the provision of financial assistance and other forms of assistance that the council is able to offer to improve the standards of housing and the quality of life for qualifying residents.  The Council’s current policy is the Housing Renewal Policy 2012 which requires amending to reflect the services of the proposed Integrated Health and Wellbeing Team.


Not funding any HIA work is rejected as this option detracts from the Council’s priority of creating flourishing, healthy and confident communities.  Funding an existing HIA to continue the work (which is currently undertaken by St. Vincent’s) was considered, however the creation of the in house Integrated Health and Wellbeing Service is more cost effective and enables the Council to control and shape a comprehensive service for vulnerable occupiers, delivering a range of grants and initiatives in an integrated way that will improve the health, safety and welfare of Burnley’s residents. 


The integration of grants, HIA services and additional services such as the dementia dwelling grants will ensure a customer centred approach, to understand their needs in one visit.  Improving the accessibility as well as the safety of the home will help to reduce ill health caused by excess cold, dampness or trips and falls which in turn will reduce the need for hospital admission or assist with hospital discharge






(1)  That the reorganisation of the private sector housing team be approved including a net increase of two full time posts as detailed in (Appendix 1);


(2)  That the costs associated with operating an Integrated Health and Wellbeing Team be approved, funded from the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) allocation of the Better Care Fund; and


(3)  That authority be delegated to the Head of Housing and Development Control, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Leisure, to amend the Housing Renewal Policy 2012.

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