Agenda item

Local Plan Adoption

To consider the adoption of Burnley’s Local Plan.


With reference to Minute 27 of the Executive (19th July 2018) consideration was given to the adoption of Burnley’s Local Plan.


In accordance with Council procedure rule 16.4 a recorded vote was taken on the amendment.


For the Motion

CouncillorsAfrasiab Anwar, Paul Campbell, Ida Carmichael, Frank Cant, Saeed Chaudhary,Bea Foster,Sue Graham, Joanne Greenwood, John Harbour,Shah Hussain, Mohammed Ishtiaq, Marcus Johnstone, Arif Khan, Lubna Khan, Shbana Khan, Wajid Khan, Tony Martin, Elizabeth Monk, Lian Pate, Asif Raja  Paul Reynolds, David Roper, Ann Royle, Andrew Tatchell, and Mark Townsend



Against the motion

Councillors Gordon Birtwistle, Tom Commis, Ivor Emo, Dale Ferrier, Andy Fewings, Alan Hosker, Anne Kelly, Neil Mottershead, Andrew Newhouse, Mark Payne, Jeff Summer and Christine White


Abstained from the motion

Councillor Charlie Briggs




(1)  That Burnley’s Local Plan be adopted; and


(2)  That the Strategic Head of Economy and Growth be authorised to make minor editorial amendments and corrections to the Local Plan, the accompanying Policies Map and any other relevant documents prior to printing.

Supporting documents: