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Recycling Collections

To consider the proposed changes to the recycling service following a review of current arrangements.



Joanne Swift introduced the report which set out the Council’s proposals for changes to the recycling service following a review of the current arrangements.


In considering the report, Members discussed the following:


·         Whether the scheme could be rolled out further in future?  Outline rounds have been devised based on existing data and mapping.  Officers advised members that where there is a group of properties that may best fit the alternative collection method, and could be accommodated within an existing round, these properties would be considered.  Future changes to the scheme could be a possibility but this would need to take into account the final government position regarding the National Waste Strategy, operational delivery and the future direction.

·         Whether collection vehicles were adaptable and if a range of bins sizes could be accommodated?  The vehicles can accommodate a range of bin sizes.

·         Were the wagons split to accommodate collecting both types of recyclate in one visit?  The vehicles used for recycling collections are partitioned to ensure the different recyclate is kept separate.

·         The need to increase recycling rates in the borough.  This scheme aims to offer opportunities to increase the recycling rate whilst recognising the proposed service provided by the Council would need to be tailored to reflect that different types of property that have very different operating/collecting needs and demands.  There is a robust communications plan in place for prior to, during and after implementation.

·         Concerns regarding perceptions of the changes.  Although there are two different methods of collecting recycling, all properties across the whole of the borough will receive an enhanced service.  Those that remain on the bag/box system would receive an improved collection receptacle with greater capacity, and additional cleansing services to deal with issues related to spillage during collections.  Those properties on the new bin system would have improved storage containers which would reduce spillage issues, and remove the need for fortnightly collections.





a)    The Committee endorsed the following recommendations to the Executive:

1.    To approve the move to the introduction of wheeled recycling bin service for 22,000 properties across the Borough as edged in green in Appendix One – Proposed recycling service changes; 

2.    To approve a two-year extension of the current Waste and Cleansing Contract, in line with the existing Contract provision;

3.    To delegate authority to the Head of Streetscene in consultation with the Executive Member of Community and Environmental Services to accept the most economically advantageous tender for procurement of the recycling bins following the results of a mini- competition undertaken through Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation “Supply of Wheeled Bins” Framework; 

4.    To authorise the Head of Streetscene to undertake the procurement of replacement recycling equipment for the collection of paper and card for the areas edged in red in Appendix One – Proposed recycling service changes;

5.    To authorise the Head of Legal and Democratic Services to execute all documentation necessary to implement the above decision; and

6.    To recommend to Full Council/ the Chief Executive to use urgency powers to add a capital budget of £720k for the procurement of wheeled bins and paper and card collection equipment in the 2019/20 capital budget.


b)    That Scrutiny Committee recommends to the Executive that a further review of those properties in red (at Appendix 1) be carried out, and that the review be completed by April 2020.

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