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Development Control Committee

This page lists the meetings for Development Control Committee.


Information about Development Control Committee

The Development Control Committee deals with applications for planning permission, listed building and advertisment consent, and works to protected trees.


This includes applications within Conservation Areas.



Register to Speak


If you wish to have your say at a Development Control meeting you can register via the online agenda, by clicking underneath the relevant agenda item, or complete and return a Register to Speak form (available from the Contact Centre, Town Hall Reception or download here).


·         Your form must be received  no later than 5.00 pm three days before the day of the meeting.

·         The notice must include a summary of the points to be raised.

·         A person who has given the required notice on any matter within the remit of the Committee will normally be heard at the beginning of the meeting (after the signing of the Minutes of the previous meeting) or at the discretion of the Chair, immediately prior to the discussion of the item on which the representation is being made.

·         If the agenda item is listed for consideration after the exclusion of the public the person will be heard at an appropriate point in the public part of the meeting at the discretion of the Chair.

·         A person making representations will be allowed to speak for no more than 5 minutes.  Where there is more than one speaker on the same issue the chair may, in the interests of the efficient conduct of the meeting, restrict those speaking to either:

·         one speaker for and one speaker against a proposal OR allocate a reduced period of time so that not more than 10 minutes is taken up by speakers on that issue.

·         If the number of requests to make representations on a number of issues is so large that the business of the meeting is not likely to be completed in the time available, the Chair may restrict the total time available for representations to not more than 30 minutes.

·         Please ensure that you arrive before the beginning of the meeting.